New Technique: Emily Ocker’s Circular Cast On

So yesterday after what felt like weeks of waiting (which actually was only 5 days) my yarn from Knit Picks came in!  I can’t go into much detail about the yarn or the pattern I’m doing because the finished project is going to be a gift to my parents.  Since my Mom is this blogs biggest fan so, no secrets are going to be revealed.  What I can tell you is that it is knit as a giant circle from the inside out!  I’ve never done anything like this so I was pretty pumped to get started.

This video is the one I used to figure out Emily Ocker’s cast on.  There are a lot of good Youtube videos out there but this one is the one that did it for me.  Every single stitch I cast on was an Ah-ha moment for me, which I loved.  It was awesome to see it all come together.  I’m not very good and could only go at the pace of a crawling inchworm but it was pretty cool to see it come together.

So because I can’t share the project I’m working on with you, I’ll share some other circular projects that start with this cast on technique that I’ve been eyeing!

1. Girasole – Jared Flood   2. Eirwen – Holly Chayes  3. Chrysanthemum – TinCanKnits
4. Tree Rings – Andrea Rangel

I feel like some of these patterns are a bit beyond my abilities – my blocking skills leave something to be desired but they are gorgeous to look at!  If you can tackle a project like that, more power to you!  Have you attempted a circular project like this before?


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