I’m Back!

As I’m sure you guessed, life took over my everyday and blogging just kind of got pushed aside.  Blogging and knitting is definitely more fun than studying (and don’t let me fool you, I did plenty of knitting while I was “studying”) but I couldn’t figure out how to balance my time to do everything I wanted to do.  All of this is basically to say, I’m back! 


So in the past month when I was neglecting this blog, I did a lot of exciting knitting!  I think where I’ll start though is what I’ve finished most recently and I finished this cute little hat very recently (as in last night).  Like every knitter on the face of the Earth that thinks about knitting Christmas presents for their loved ones, I said to myself that next year I’ll start knitting presents earlier.  Christmas 2013 was full of good intentions and half finished (or not even started) presents.  BUT next year will be different and this hat is proof!  I knit it for my little cousin Alma Jo and I think it is perfect!  How adorable is it?!  I’m thinking of adding a pom-pom for extra cuteness.

Pattern: Little Scallops – Maria Carlander // Ravelry Link



Knittings hard, guys!

Do you ever have those days where everything you cast on looks like a heap of poop?  The pattern looks so promising, and the yarn is so tempting, and the needles are calling your name but when you cast on a do the first repeat of the pattern, the result is disastrous.  This is my everyday! It usually happens when I finish a project I loved working on (for me it was my Minestrone socks that will be blogged about later).  I cast on a new project almost immediately, trying to get that warm feeling that comes from knitting something you love (knitting isn’t a drug! I swear!) and the result is disappointing.  I cast on Drunken Bees by Domesticat.  First I cast on in a coral color (it didn’t work out because it was spun with pink and white and I felt like the pattern was lost), so I frogged it and cast on in a retina disintegrating pink but I just wasn’t happy with the pattern/yarn combination.  Objectively it looks fine but I just wasn’t feeling it.

CIMG1454 A

All of this is basically to say that knitting is hard.  How do you get over the blues of finishing a project you loved working on?