Mitten Mayhem

So this is what I worked on during Sunday (all day) football – a pair of fingerless mitts (Ravelry link!) for my lovely Aunt.  The goal is to get them to her by Christmas.


Things were going pretty good, that is until I tried them on… then it was a crisis situation.  I read in a lot of the project descriptions on Ravelry that they tended to be too small.  I figured going up two needle sizes would counterbalance the facts that 1. I tend to knit pretty tightly and 2. they mitts tend to be too small.  So I used a US size 3 needle instead of the recommended US 1 1/2.  Should be in the clear, right? Nope.

If I was knitting them for myself, I would say “I’ve come this far, there is no turning back now” and just have mitts that were a little snug.  But I was envisioning something looser and more relaxed for her (plus I don’t know how big her hands are in comparison to mine) so I’m frogging it and trying again.  We’ll see what comes of it.  The way I see it I have two options, 1. go up another needle size or 2. do some magic and find a way to increase the number of stitches without significantly altering the fair isle pattern.   I think I’m going with #1… I can’t do magic.

How’s your holiday knitting coming along? This is only #2 on a list of hundreds so I’m a little behind (like usual).  It wouldn’t be Christmas if I wasn’t frantically knitting a last minute gift, right?


FO: Minestrone Socks


These socks, guys.  These socks are the socks that make me never want to knit another pair of socks (in a good way).  You can’t do much better than these.  These are the ones to beat!  I inexplicably love them!  They weren’t incredibly difficult and they didn’t take very much time but I just love them with my whole heart.  I think it’s because I’ve been holding on to the leftovers to make these socks for YEARS! The pink is literally from the same skein of sock yarn that I used to knit my very first pair of socks.  That was a lifetime ago!  Maybe it’s all the sentimental value associated with them.  I don’t know.  All I know is I love them to pieces.


However, these are also the socks that cast me into a sock-knitting funk.  You saw the pink nightmare (OK maybe a bit of an exaggeration).  But overall I think the pros outweigh the cons with these socks.

Neglected FO’s


I finished these Winter Buzz mittens a while ago, I just never got around to taking pictures of them.  I think it is equal parts that I wasn’t totally satisfied how they came out and that this yarn is incredibly difficult to take an accurate picture of!  I really like the color, it’s a nice traditional purple but it’s just coming up as grey on camera.  Such is life.


And I finally finished my Ugly Duckling socks!  These socks on the other hand, I don’t have a reason for not taking a picture of them!  I like how they turned out and as soon as I finished weaving in the ends (of which there were thousands!) I put them safely in my sock drawer to wear when/if it ever gets colder.

What have you finished recently?

Sock it to Me

  Well hello there.  So these socks aren’t a new finished object, but I wanted to share them anyways!  So here it is.  These are the socks I knit in high school.  Notice how they are all ankle socks. And how they are all different crazy colors.  I had this idea that tall socks were … Continue reading