Snow in Texas?

I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland outside! (Lower your expectations people, it’s snow in Texas…)  While my friends in Ohio just got 8 inches of snow and a snow day, I got my snow too! Just in manageable doses. But you know what is most exciting about snow? Wearing knitted things!

So I pulled out my turban that I knitted this summer along with my trusty mittens.  I was sure I wasn’t going to be able to wear my mittens at all this winter but it turns out it is cold enough in Texas for super thick mittens!

Colorwork Mittens

Ravelry page for Triangle Study mittens

Hand-knit turban

Ravelry link for Turban

Dog in Snow

Sorry for the lame picture of my dog.  I was trying to get a cuter one, or one where she was at least looking at the camera but she was hell bent on making all the snow yellow by the end of the walk.  What’s the weather like where you live? Do you use snow as an excess to wear way too many knitted layers like I do?


Mitten Mayhem

So this is what I worked on during Sunday (all day) football – a pair of fingerless mitts (Ravelry link!) for my lovely Aunt.  The goal is to get them to her by Christmas.


Things were going pretty good, that is until I tried them on… then it was a crisis situation.  I read in a lot of the project descriptions on Ravelry that they tended to be too small.  I figured going up two needle sizes would counterbalance the facts that 1. I tend to knit pretty tightly and 2. they mitts tend to be too small.  So I used a US size 3 needle instead of the recommended US 1 1/2.  Should be in the clear, right? Nope.

If I was knitting them for myself, I would say “I’ve come this far, there is no turning back now” and just have mitts that were a little snug.  But I was envisioning something looser and more relaxed for her (plus I don’t know how big her hands are in comparison to mine) so I’m frogging it and trying again.  We’ll see what comes of it.  The way I see it I have two options, 1. go up another needle size or 2. do some magic and find a way to increase the number of stitches without significantly altering the fair isle pattern.   I think I’m going with #1… I can’t do magic.

How’s your holiday knitting coming along? This is only #2 on a list of hundreds so I’m a little behind (like usual).  It wouldn’t be Christmas if I wasn’t frantically knitting a last minute gift, right?