FO: Caretta Caretta

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More hand-knit socks!  These have been finished for a long time.  I just never got around to taking pictures of them.  Probably because I’ve been too busy wearing them!  For Christmas I got Socktopus by Alice Yu and I could not wait to cast on a pair. But I knew I was going to get my wisdom teeth taken out on the 2nd of January (Happy New Year to me!) so even though I was itching to cast on a pair of super complex socks, I restrained my self and chose these instead.  No serious counting involved here.  

Socktopus by Alice Yu

Every single pair of socks in this book is incredible.  I cannot wait to knit them all.  Maybe I’ll try to knit them all in 2014, though this could turn out like last year when I tried to knit 13 socks in 2013.  I only made it to 7.5.  Pretty close in my opinion.  Anyone up for a super casual knit along so I can get some support?


Neglected FO’s


I finished these Winter Buzz mittens a while ago, I just never got around to taking pictures of them.  I think it is equal parts that I wasn’t totally satisfied how they came out and that this yarn is incredibly difficult to take an accurate picture of!  I really like the color, it’s a nice traditional purple but it’s just coming up as grey on camera.  Such is life.


And I finally finished my Ugly Duckling socks!  These socks on the other hand, I don’t have a reason for not taking a picture of them!  I like how they turned out and as soon as I finished weaving in the ends (of which there were thousands!) I put them safely in my sock drawer to wear when/if it ever gets colder.

What have you finished recently?

Knitty Gritty


Sometimes I feel like sitting down to write a full-blown post can be super intimidating, especially given how my week has been going.  I’m suppose to be witty and creative an bring something new to the blogging community? Yeah no thank you.  So in comes microblogging.  One post, not a lot of words, hello savior! This is my progress on my loose interpretation of the Minestrone sock.  I plan on using most of the charts, just scrambled up a bit.  It’s going really quickly! That’s how it always seems for the first sock though, then the second one drags on and on!