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More hand-knit socks!  These have been finished for a long time.  I just never got around to taking pictures of them.  Probably because I’ve been too busy wearing them!  For Christmas I got Socktopus by Alice Yu and I could not wait to cast on a pair. But I knew I was going to get my wisdom teeth taken out on the 2nd of January (Happy New Year to me!) so even though I was itching to cast on a pair of super complex socks, I restrained my self and chose these instead.  No serious counting involved here.  

Socktopus by Alice Yu

Every single pair of socks in this book is incredible.  I cannot wait to knit them all.  Maybe I’ll try to knit them all in 2014, though this could turn out like last year when I tried to knit 13 socks in 2013.  I only made it to 7.5.  Pretty close in my opinion.  Anyone up for a super casual knit along so I can get some support?


Purple Samarkand Socks


So I mentioned recently that I have become obsessed with purple and I think these socks are at the root of that.  I started them when I was suppose to be studying for finals and they went really quickly after that.  The yarn selection was a little haphazard.  I chose the pattern then cast on with the grey and realized that I never picked out a contrast color. I had a couple of ideas of what I wanted to use but I hadn’t actually decided on one yet!  I would like to say that I never do this but that’s not entirely true.  Selecting colors is always a “hope for the best” type situation.  The purple had been in my yarn stash for ages so I chose it and it was a match made in heaven! These colors work perfectly together!  I really am in love with how they turned out and I wear them every chance I get. They’re a little big, which I like.  If it gets super cold I can layer them up if I decide to go outside or I could just stay inside and be the couch potato I am. 


Neglected FO’s


I finished these Winter Buzz mittens a while ago, I just never got around to taking pictures of them.  I think it is equal parts that I wasn’t totally satisfied how they came out and that this yarn is incredibly difficult to take an accurate picture of!  I really like the color, it’s a nice traditional purple but it’s just coming up as grey on camera.  Such is life.


And I finally finished my Ugly Duckling socks!  These socks on the other hand, I don’t have a reason for not taking a picture of them!  I like how they turned out and as soon as I finished weaving in the ends (of which there were thousands!) I put them safely in my sock drawer to wear when/if it ever gets colder.

What have you finished recently?

Bad Blogger


Sorry I went missing for a week!  My sister came to visit for her fall break and my schedule was turned upside down.  But she’s gone now and I’m back.  I did a lot of knitting while she was here! I finished two projects and made serious progress on my cardigan.  I finished the Ugly Duckling socks I was working on, so you know what that means! I need to cast on another pair of socks IMMEDIATELY!  I’m thinking of doing these Minestrone socks with a bunch of left over yarns.  I’m thinking of using the yarns above.  What do you think?

It’s Wednesday

Let’s be honest here for a second: I don’t know what is wrong with me but I am suffering from a serious case of the “I-just-want-to-knit-everything-all-at-once” fever.  It’s like Bieber Fever but oh so much more addicting.  So because of this, my WIP’s this week are pretty much all over the place and though I feel like I’m knitting constantly, I’m not really making much progress on any of them.

I really don’t know how this happened.  I hear other knitters talking about how they have tons of projects that they are working on and how it is pandemonium and I use to laugh and think to myself “silly knitters, I always finish my projects one at a time.” And I do. Well I did. But now the epidemic has spread and I’ve caught the fever.

So all of this preamble was basically to say, be prepared for random chaos when looking through my WIP’s this week.




WIP Wednesday

Hello and welcome to the first ever work in progress Wednesday! Cheesy? Yes, please.  WIP Wednesdays are a classic (and look at that alliteration).  So, lets begin.

Ugly Duckling WIP

I cast on these Ugly Duckling socks on Saturday, immediately after I finished my last pair of socks.  What can I say? I get anxious if I don’t have a pair of socks on my needles.  These are the most addicting socks to knit ever.  I literally cannot put them down.  If I want to be productive at all during the day, I can’t knit these.  The little tiny needles just call my name “Becca! Knit me please!”  Well, it was going to be fully rainbow knit up with all the yarn left overs I had but I realized after the first rainbow repeat that I only had enough blue and green yarn for one more row of each. So those are being saved for sock #2.  For the rest of this sock, the rainbow is limited to red, orange, and yellow.

And that’s it.  Just one pair of socks. What’s on your needles? Have you knit this pattern before?